Rogue Nation

I ( Jacky Chan ) am a normal school boy and my life is about to change when i was recruited by C.I.A.What could be worse than doing a mission in which you get chased by murderers shot and kicked…I don’t want to get too specific where having to complete just one mission. Although I did get a good first class ticket to Tokyo and a luxury room with a personal gym and the spa was quite nice.But unfortunately I looked less like James Bond and more like a rogue although the light leather jacket does suit me.

While on the plane I was given a few essentials for my sky dive when I reach Tokyo. I was given a few instructions that on the third day of my mission I will receive a few gadgets and weapons a sniper from what my boss John Rider said. You will always be surprised when you are a spy.

We reached our destination.

Thank you for reading chapter one of my story.Tell me what to improve. What do you think I should do on my next chapter.

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