News story

My first news story is:

Sam a toy dog was sent up in 15 miles in the air bur on the way down he got lost and now people are looking for him.

Some people and school children say that Sam must have become detached from the helium balloon and GPS camera he was attached to because of the wind, and he’s been missing ever since.Now some people trying to find him again, and have even been on TV and radio to ask people to help find their school mascot. The school has found the GPS tracker and the balloon but Sam is has still not been foun an to be found. He was last seen flying above North Yorkshire, and the school is asking people to look out for him.

My second news story is:

Astronauts have grown the first ever plant in space on the ISS:

The orange zinnia flowers can be eaten and were grown in the ‘Veggie’ laboratory, which was installed on the space station in 2014. They’ve grown lettuce before but the zinnia is the first to bloom flowers.┬áIt shows that it may be possible to grow other flowering crops like tomatoes. A problem was that the high levels of moisture in the air inside the space station led to mould growing on some leaves. Later on theastronauts cleaned the plants, cut away the mouldy leaves, and set up a fan to try and dry out the crop. But the high speed fan did its job a bit too well, and the plants got too dry.Astronaut Scott Kelly took charge of the flowers, and worked hard to revive them over Christmas, and on 12 January, a few petals started to peak out. Later it bloomed and that was the first flower in space.

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