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What was his childhood like?

Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12 1809. He was born into a wealthy family meaning to his family was rich. Although Darwin had an pretty ordinary life he did because he hated it. In his autobiography he wrote: ” Nothing could have been worse for the development of my mind”. From an early age he had a passion for nature in both collecting it and shooting it. As a growing teenager he became obsessed with shooting and would often go out and shout with his Uncle Josiah Wedgwood and William Queen.


What inspired him to explore evolution

Charles Darwin spent a lot of at christ’s which was a period of great thinking growth in his life. some of his major idea that ended in his explanations were presented to him. The influence of John Stevens Henslow, a plant scientists and a land and rock expert at Cambridge, had an extreme importance in shaping Darwin’s life.

How did he present his work?

He started to improve his theory on evolution after he got all his specimens after his 5 year trip around the world. It helped him because after all those minerals and fossils it made him think to himself “what did we start of as”. Once Charles Darwin told the world about evolution the people of the world of the world started to hate hi because of their beliefs.  People thought that God created the and they had descended from Adam and Eve. Would you hate someone if they said something you did not agree with?

What did he discover?

Charles Darwin did not invent anything but as a scientist on nature he discovered a lot about evolution. He impacted on science the way we think about our world. He developed and proposed an explanation about change over time. His explanations have had a big affect on science, the way we understand life.

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