What do you still wonder about evolution?

I have learnt many things from our topic Evolution for an example I have learnt one of his theories which is that we evolved from apes. That makes us homo – sapiens, that is what he thinks. I have also learnt that we may carry some of an ape’s DNA.

I still wonder why Charles Darwin was against Christians?

How did the process of evolution work?


One thought on “What do you still wonder about evolution?

  1. Hi Samuel

    Here are some of the answers of the questions you still wonder.
    Some of his major idea that ended in his explanations were presented to him. Meaning Darwin had discovered the ideas that we now believe he had thought of.

    The process of evolution is very basic:

    Descent and the genetic differences that are heritable and passed on to the next generation;
    Mutation, migration (gene flow), genetic drift, and natural selection as mechanisms of change. The importance of genetic variation.The random nature of genetic drift and the effects of a reduction in genetic variation;
    How variation, differential reproduction, and heredity result in evolution by natural selection and how different species can affect each other’s evolution through coevolution.

    By Samuel

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