Our topic about evolution and Charles Darwin

What do you know about Charles Darwin?

Tell me as if I didn’t know  anything about Charles Darwin. What can you tell me about him to make me understand who this person was. Here are some questions you could choose how much you want to do.

Who is Charles Darwin ?

What do you wonder about evolution?

What do you wonder about Charles Darwin?

I wonder why he was famous.

What was he famous for?

What is the meaning of evolution?

Can people still evolve?

Did he invent something?

What do you know about Charles Darwin?

Did he have siblings?

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4 thoughts on “Our topic about evolution and Charles Darwin

  1. Hi Chantelle
    I like your post.
    I think Charles Darwin had one brother named Erasmus Darwin and four sisters named Suzan, Emily and Marianne.
    I also think people cant evolve right now.

  2. Charles darwin is a famous person because he discover evolution.
    How did we change of form when we are growing up?
    Did he like to find out about evolution?

  3. Hi Chantelle

    Who is Charles Darwin?
    Charles Darwin is a man who has interest on nature which inspired him to do a book about evolution and about species. In his childhood he didn’t like school but he liked nature. His inspiration came from Jean batiste who searched about evolution 100years ago. Charles Darwin wasn’t the only person who had interest on it also Alfred Wallace done a book about it.

    What do you wonder about evolution ?
    I wonder if evolution could be dangerous ?
    What is so important about evolution ?
    Who else had an interest about evolution ?

    What do you wonder about Charles Darwin ?
    I wonder When Charles Darwin died?

    I wonder why he is famouse?
    He is famouse for his book about evolution which was published 1859. He was also well known for his theory.

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