Who should we know and why?

Who is he? (William Tyndale)

William Tynadale was the first person to translate the bible from Latin to English. Imagine not having a bible in English. Thanks to William Tyndale Christians can read the bible. When William Tyndale was growing up in the 1500 nobody owns a bible,they had to go to church to hear what the bible say, there was on pobelem,the priests read the bible in Latin, a language only the people who highly educated people could understand what the priest are saying.

William Tyndale grew older and finished College, he felt that God was commanding him to translate the bible in to English. Which God did say to Tyndale. It it is because all people could read for themselves also God wants them to read the bible because he wants to share the good news to everybody. But translating the bible is against the law.

The reason why we should know William Tyndale because he did what God said and he translated the bible from Latin to English because imagine you have a bible and you don’t understand anything because it is in Latin. Because of William Tyndale we can read the bible and understand it carefully than ever before.


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